January 2021
Commissioned to design a poster, “Crush Machismo” for the CONSEXUAL.MX project, created, incubated and promoted by A Toda Voz A.C. in alliance with XDUCA. They will create a collection of posters in favor of the right to comprehensive sexual education.

April 2021
Invited to be a jury member for ‘Shadows After Dark’, Stop Human Trafficking International Poster Competition, Athens, Greece

October 2020
Designed a poster for a short film, and won first place for best in Graphic Design category for the 48 Hour Film Competition, Houston, TX

September 2020
Invited to submit poster work to a university gallery in Tehran, Iran

August 2020
Invited to submit work for a gallery show in ‘Poster + U Exhibit’ in Seal, Korea

August 2020
Submitted posters to the ‘Posters of Discontent’ show at Eastern Michigan University

February 2020
Submitted several posters in the Ecuador Poster Biennial Competition

October 2019
Domestic Violence Awareness poster in several exhibits in Guadalajara México, from October to January 2020

November 2019
Adjunct Faculty Art Show , Dimensions, at Lone Star College, North.

September 2019
These designs were submitted to Illustrators for Climate. In response to a call for action to illustrators who want to act with their artwork against climate change and join the worldwide movement- to ask our governments to change. One of the designs were chosen and published to the organization’s site.

October 2018
Invited to design a poster contributing to the human values by contributing awareness through the creative process of social graphics, .

June 2018
“Beyond Peace” DMZ Art and Design International Invitational Poster Exhibition, Seoul, Korea

May 2018
international invitational poster exhibition, Portland, Oregon

April 2018
“Poster for Tomorrow” invitational poster exhibition for the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, Paris, France

April, 2018
The international poster exhibition on the occasion of World Graphic Design Day was opened at the Ideas Gallery in Tehran, Iran 2018. This exhibition consists of 58 posters from invited graphic designers from around the world.

April 2018
“Cultural Heritage” international collaborative poster exhibition, Jakarta, Indonesia

April 2018
“Speak Up” international poster exhibition, which 62 recognized graphic designers united to the dialogue in reflection and promotion of a better world through the poster

April 2018
“My Childhood” International invitational poster exhibition, Idea Gallery, Tehran, Iran

February 2018
An invitation by founder and organizer, to BALKANNABIS EXPO, an international trade fair and conferences on medical cannabis and hemp applications. The posters were sold and all earnings were donated to solidarity organizations working with unescorted refugee children in Greece.

November 2017
“The Beautiful Island of Korea” International Invitation Exhibition, Dokdo, Korea

September/October 2017
“We are All Migrants” exhibition China: Tower Bridge International Poster Exhibition 2017 – Shijiazhuang, China, and México: Centtro Cultural Constitución – Zapopan, Jalisco, México.

March 2017
“Paradigm 2016”, poster show in Karaj, Iran. This show includes the best worldwide posters made last year.

March 2017
“Fair Play” International Poster Exhibition
Finalist in the first International exhibition of posters, Arak, Iran

December 2016
Invited to be an online pre-juror member for the first Ecuador Poster Biennial

May 2016
“My America” poster was designed in response to an invitation for the Echoes: Environment & Simultaneity Project and exhibition at the University of Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia. 35 designers/professors worldwide invited to participate

April 2016
“Pointing Fingers” poster was part of the “Monday Posters” exhibit, by the Poster Poster organization, Mexico. The poster was designed in 2010 in response to a massive oil spill off the gulf coast

March 2016
“Immigrants” poster was selected in the top ten designs for the International Poster Festival entitled “Caravana Grafica Migrante”, Mexico

January 2016
“Truth or Lie” poster design Published on “Poster Poster” Online Media and published in the annual Poster Poster Catalog

December 2015
“Cow” Poster showed in Cow International Design Festival, Ukraine

 August 2015
Poster was selected for the Escucha Mi Voz’s, “Domestic Violence” Poster Competition and exhibition, in Guadalajara, Mexico and Chicago, US.

December 2014
“Reggae Rules” Poster selected for Honorable Mention, International Reggae Poster Competition

August 2014
“Fair Play” International Poster Exhibition
Finalist in the first International exhibition of posters, Arak, Iran

April 2014
“Today is already tomorrow” – a tribute to Albe and Lica Steiner
two of my posters won in the competition. The top 40 winning posters selected for the exhibition will be shown on 30th of May, 2014 at the school “IPS Albe Steiner”, Turin, Italy. (Six of my poster, in total, showed at the exhibition).

April 2014
“Africa Breath” Competition for “Green + You” Organization
“Poverty Trapped” poster was chosen as one of the top thirty posters (from over 400 posters submissions internationally) to be shown at the Doosung Gallery Inthepaper, 2014 exhibition in Seoul, Korea.

December 2013
Poster for Tomorrow Poster Design Competition
“We all need a safe haven” poster selected as one of the best 100 designs (as selected by the jury) and exhibited worldwide, December 5, 2013 in the Poster for Tomorrow  “A Home for Everyone” exhibition. The poster was also published in a catalog in Paris, France and distributed internationally.

October 2012
Poster for Tomorrow Poster Design Competition
“Gender Equality” poster designed for an international organization, Poster for Tomorrow competition, to promote awareness on gender equality. The poster won in the top 300 shortlisted posters category out of over 3,000 entries worldwide.
Poster was also published on the poster for tomorrow website and iphone application

March 2012
Good 50 x 70 Poster Competition “Words Hurt” poster was chosen out of 2,063 posters coming from over 60 countries around the world. The poster will be displayed in the heart of Milan. The poster will also be published online, in an iphone application and in a printed book in Italy, Spring, 2012

December 2011
Poster for Tomorrow Poster Competition “Everyone Has A Right To an Education” poster was selected as one of the shortlisted, top 300 designs (as selected by a jury). Published on the Poster for Tomorrow website and iphone application, Europe 2012

October 2010
Green + You 2010 International Poster Exhibition, Doosung Paper Gallery, Seoul Korea
“Pointing Fingers” poster was chosen to show at the exhibition and published in a catalog

October 2010
Poster for Tomorrow Poster Competition “Death is not Justice” was selected as one of the best 100 designs (as selected by the jury) and exhibited in one hundred locations worldwide, October 10, 2010 in the Poster for Tomorrow “Death is not justice” exhibition. The poster was also published in a book in Paris, France and distributed internationally

September 2010
Good 50×70 2010 Poster Competition “Poverty Trapped” poster was chosen out of 2,357 posters submitted worldwide. The poster was displayed in October in Milan, Italy and published in a book, December 2010

July 2007
Won first place in the Annual Student Photography Contest, 35 mm black and white photograph, “Reflection”, American InterContinental University, Houston, TX

October 2007
The Annual Art Affair, a student competition with the American InterContinental University’s leading competitors. Placed in the top ten with photography work and sold piece for the highest bid in the auction (money went to a local nonprofit organization), Houston, TX

August 2003
Sold a pastel drawing “Becoming”, pastel on paper, on permanent display at the Lone Star Harris College Library, Lone Star North Harris College, Houston, TX